Low Cost LED Driver

BIT3259 integrated circuit provides essential PWM features for white LED driver. It can drive up to 27 LEDs from 5V supply. BIT3259 is built-in 36V power switch with current mode control and provides fast response. An internal 650mA current limitation can provide the protection of internal switch. High operation frequency (1.2MHz), BIT3259 can reduce the inductor size and capacitor. All the functions are combined in a small SOT23-5 package.


  • 2.5V to 10V input range
  • Drives up to 27 LEDs from a 5V supply
  • 36V power switch
  • Current mode control
  • 650mA current limitation
  • Fast 1.2MHz switching frequency
  • SOT23-5 package
LED Driver IC 1223499