BIT3368O 3


Current Mode LED Driver

BIT3368O is a high frequency PWM controller integrating required functions for boost conversion in a small SOP-8 package. A low 0.21V feedback voltage, over voltage protection, over current protection and load short protection make BIT3368O an ideal controller for LED backlight supplies. Frequency selection is flexible in variable system design. Internal soft start function can avoid inrush current during start-up period. Over temperature protection and UVLO make system reliable. CMOS process greatly reduces the operating current compared with similar products.


  • Current Mode control and fixed frequency operation
  • 8V ~ 18V operation voltage
  • Internal minimum off time
  • Over current protection, OCP
  • Over voltage protection, OVP
  • Internal soft-start
  • External Schottky open/short protection
  • External inductor short protection
  • Over temperature protection, OTP
  • Internal under voltage lock out, UVLO
  • Totem pole output
  • SOP-8 package
LED Driver IC 1223506