BIT3873 3


Current Mode PWM Controller

BIT3873 is a high performance current mode with internal slope compensation PWM controller. It was built-in low start-up current, green mode power saving, soft start function, under voltage lock out, leading edge blanking, internal and external over temperature protection and over load protection, over voltage protection on VDD pin, over current limit, feedback open protection, internal frequency swapping and gate voltage clamping for AC/DC application. In addition, BIT3873 provides low external components with lower cost solution in a SOT23-6 package.


  • Current mode control and internal slope compensation
  • Start-up current(6 uA)
  • Green mode power saving
  • Soft-start function
  • Under voltage lockout, UVLO
  • Leading edge blanking, LEB
  • Over temperature protection, OTP
  • Over load protection, OLP
  • Over voltage protection on VDD pin
  • Over current limit
  • Feedback open protection
  • Internal frequency swapping
  • Gate voltage clamping
AC/DC Driver 1223507