BIT3513 3


2A/24V/390kHz Synchronous Buck Converter

BIT3513 is an efficient and low-cost synchronous step-down converter with integrated low RDS(ON) high-side 130mΩ/low-side 130mΩ MOSFET switch. It is capable of delivering 2A continuous output current over a wide range of supplying voltage from 4.5V to 24V. With a simple voltage divider, the output voltage is easily adjustable from 0.92V to 20V. Other features such as 390kHz PWM frequency, Internal soft-start, OCP protection and low 0.5μA shutdown current make BIT3513 ideal in applications like communication equipment and networking devices.


  • 4.5V to 24V Input Voltage Range
  • Adjustable Output from 0.92V to 20V
  • 2A Output Current
  • Conversion Efficiency up to 93%
  • Integrated Boot-Diode
  • Integrated 130mΩ MOSFET Switches
  • Low 0.5μA Shutdown Current
  • Low 1.1mA Quiescent Current
  • Fixed 390kHz Switching Frequency
  • Adapted Current Mode PWM Operation
  • Over Voltage and Current Limit
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • SOP-8 package
DC/DC Converter 1225174