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Digital Video Encoder

BIT1201G provides conversion from digital video formats YCbCr or YUV into NTSC and PAL composite analog video. Input for masters can be 27 MHZ 8-bit YUV, 8-bit YCbCr, or ITUR.BT656 with support for EAV/SAV codes. Video output can be formatted to be compatible with PAL B/D/G/H/I and NTSC-M systems. Closed Caption is supported in NTSC/PAL both. One high performance of linear 8-bit current DAC provides composite or Y or C output.


  •  Adjustment internal current DAC output currents
  •  PAL B/D/G/H/I and NTSC-M output format
  •  Accepts ITU-R BT.656 input format supporting EAV/SAV codes
  •  Accepts BT.656-lite Master/Slave input format
  •  Supports closed captioning function
  •  3 wire TWSI controlled (compatible with I2C controller)
  •  720x576 in PAL and 720x480 in NTSC output resolution
  •  Chrominance digital low pass filter for 5 taps
  •  Luminance digital low pass filter for 3 taps
  •  Automatic switching between PAL B/D/G/H/I and NTSC-M standards
  •  Chrominance 4x linear interpolation
  •  Luminance 2x linear interpolation
  •  DTO phase correction for the chrominance data path
  •  Operates from the single reference clock 27.000 MHz
  •  Synchronous design entirely
  •  Built-in various Internal test patterns
  •  Internal patterns support hardware pins selection for CVBS output
  •  Internal patterns support ITU-R BT.656 digital output.
  •  Low power (3.3 V)
  •  SSOP-28 Package