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JPEG Decoder with Image processor and T-CON



  •   No external memory required
  •   On-chip clock generator
  •   Fully programmable zoom-out arbitrary ratio in both horizontal and vertical
  •   Embedded brightness, contrast, sharpness and gamma correction
  •   Embedded programmable OSD for user Interface
  •   Embedded programmable T-CON (Timing-Control) generator for LCD interface
  •   Embedded 3 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) generators for general purpose control
  •   Embedded IR remote control decoder and encoder


  •   3x8 Bits digital output ports (R,G,B)
  •   9 Bits TCONT ports(T)
  •   Programmable RGB output port order and pin order
  •   Maximum output pixel frequency 75MHz@ digital output
  •   Support inverse and frequency adjustment for LCD panel clock
  •   Support programmable H/V sync. for LCD panel
  •   Support programmable T-CON for LCD panel
  •   Support Delta and Stripe types LCD panel
  •   Support 8 bits Serial-RGB Panel output
  •   Support 8-bits ITU656 output
  •   Support i80/M68 interface output
  •   Free-run Synchronization mode if sync signal disappeared


  •   Support Two-Wire Serial Interface (TWSI) Bus interface
  •   Support 25Cxx Serial Flash Boot 8051 controller


  •   Built-in OSD generator with 128 ROM fonts
  •   6 windows support overlay function
  •   8192 x16 prgrammable OSD Memory
  •   Support 1BP(2 colors),2BP(4 colors),4BP(16 colors) and 8 BP(256 colors) font colors
  •   Programmable font size(12x16 ~ 16x16)
  •   Independent zoom ratio x1~x16 for horizontal and vertical direction
  •   Programmable Vertical Direction Line Space
  •   Programmable Horizontal Character Space
  •   Flashing font attribute
  •   Fringe font attribute
  •   Transparent overlay for OSD windows
  •   512 sets of look up table palette color support 16777216 depth


  •   Built-in Advanced OSD Engine
  •   1 Background + 3 sub-windows support overlay function
  •   Support 4/8 BP(16/256 colors) font colors
  •   Support Hardware Animation Engine
  •   Support RLC Engine to reduce OSD data size
  •   Transparent overlay for OSD windows
  •   512 sets of look up table palette color support 16777216 depth

 Power management:

  •   1.8V power source for core,
  •   3.3V power source for output pads


  •   LQFP 100 pins